Our Purpose

The desire is to create a sanctuary; somewhere safe where people can be themselves, open up, create meaningful friendships and feel supported.

  • To break down the stigmas around mental distress (illness), how to cope with it, and the freedom of choice for treatment (including all medical and natural treatments)
  • To share our stories and experiences, as well as the ways to manage mental distress and how we each cope so that we can learn from each other
  • To create more awareness and open conversations with our loved ones and in the community
  • To create a space for support, companionship and friendship, mentorship and a feeling of purpose, worth and hope. 

Our Values

Radical Acceptance
Accepting everyone as they come - with no discrimination.

Self Responsibility
Being responsible for your life outcomes and happiness - it's up to you.

The G's - Gratitude & Generosity
Being grateful for the love and support of your community - and paying it forward. 

Fierce Loyalty
Being there for each other through the good, bad and ugly - we've got each other's back. 

“Thank you for such a thoughtful afternoon. I really enjoyed listening to you all and had such an 'aha' moment. I feel like I have so much to think about.”

Taking care of our mental health

1 in 4 kiwis have experienced some form of mental distress. This number is increasing as we live busier lives and feel like we must be everything to everyone, always succeeding and striving for more, which puts more pressure on our mental health. 

Many people who live with mental distress feel like they need to get over it and get on with things and that they are a failure if they don’t.  I am so pleased to see that there are more conversations happening, that mental health is being recognised and prioritised, but more is needed.

There are many stigmas associated with mental distress. It used to be swept under the rug, it makes many people uncomfortable, is medication really needed, and those who haven't experienced a form of mental distress can be insensitive due to their lack of understanding.  

There is a reason we hear so much about mental distress these days - it is real, it is on the rise in our communities, and it can completely change the lives of those who live with it and their loved ones. 


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