The below information has been taken from Crystal Foster's newsletter

It's been a quiet six months from me, I have been concentrating mostly on my trauma client work, but still carry a burning desire to bring mental wellness knowledge to more people. One difficulty I have had is that I feel that this information should be free, but I would also like it to be my main job. So this year I have had some brainstorms about how to make this knowledge more accessible in the community.

Holistic Mental Wellbeing Sessions
These are face to face appointments that focus on assisting you to cultivate mental wellbeing in a way that is tailored to you. We focus on the unique difficulties you are struggling with, and then proceed with a mixture of education and skill building to help strengthen you mentally and emotionally, and assist you to take steps to align your life with what is most important to you.

Payment for these sessions now comes in three options:
1) $155 per hour session, or
2) One hour of your time through Waikato Timebanking, or
3) Other koha that is earth friendly (e.g. veges from your garden, something you made)

I feel very strongly that there is a better way to deal with mental health than our current status quo, and I believe in people's free will to choose an approach that does not consider them disordered. This means that third party referral that requires a diagnosis (e.g. insurance companies) are not the right fit for this work. If you do wish to go through an insurance company I know some fantastic Psychologists who could help you so please feel free to get in contact and I can put you in touch with one.

Holistic Mental Wellbeing Group
This is the group I offered as a six week course a while back covering topics like nutrition and teaching mindfulness for mental health. I have been thinking about how to make it accessible and free for more people and have decided that a good next step is to create a PhD study on this (The Holistic Mental Wellbeing Project). One of the end aims will be to be able to apply for funding to offer this group in the community free to those who are struggling with their mental health but do not meet criteria for most services.  

Come for a chat!
On Friday February 15th I will have open office hours from 10-12 for anyone who is interested in coming for a chat to find out more about the holistic mental wellbeing approach. Just flick me an email and let me know if you plan to pop in and say hello!

More to come!
I have other ideas that want to be born this year, and I look forward to sharing them with you soon :-)


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