Kamala 2019 events

Below is the draft list of events for 2019. Not all of these events are confirmed yet, so please keep an eye on our Facebook page, or come back here for updates

16th February - Mandala drawing

18th May - Fermentation and gut health

8th June - Resilience

20th July - Jewellery making

17th August - Flow

21st September - Jewellery making

19th October - Holistic wellbeing - practical tools

16th November - Candle making

“An awesome bunch of women that I feel really privileged to have met – I hope to see you all again at future sessions x”

Kamala 2018 Events

Thank you to Waikato Sunrise Rotary for donating funds to Kamala to help subsidise the cost of our workshops from May 2018

20th January - Candle workshop/launch

17th February - Essential Oils workshop

17th March - Canvas Painting workshop

28th April - Radical Acceptance; how to fall in love with yourself workshop

26th May - Sharing our wellbeing journeys - myself and two friends will share our journeys along with the hurdles and wins along the way

16th June - Yoga + make your own emotional essential oil roller workshop

7th July - Holistic Mental Wellbeing

18th August - Meditation + Breathing workshop

15th September - Flax Weaving workshop

20th October - TBC

17th November - Candle Making workshop


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