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Kamala wouldn't be here without the support of some generous and amazing people and organisations. To family, friends and colleagues who have supported the Kamala journey, thank you x


Betley is a social enterprise with a dream to provide employment for people facing mental health hurdles. We create natural soy candles and are passionate about creating moments for you to pause and be.

+ Hand-poured with love in Hamilton, New Zealand
+ 100% natural soy wax candle
+ 100% pure cotton natural self-trimming wick that is lead and zinc free
+ 100% tree free cotton paper swing tag that will sprout wildflowers if planted*
+ Made with high quality fragrance oils that are Phthalate free

Betley has partnered with Kamala to run candle making workshops. We are in love with Betley's candles, and that we have the opportunity to run these workshops together. 

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Soula | Jenna Shaw

Jenna is a birth doula and anam cara ("soul friend") who helps people turn their trauma, pain and fear into truth, power & love. With a background in communication, emotional intelligence, spirituality, birthwork and energy work she offers opportunities to discover and do the deep soul work needed to heal ourselves and the planet.

Sarah Vassella Creative

Sarah is an artist, yoga teacher and creative coach. She creates soulful art and designs with the intention to uplift and inspire. 

Sarah guides creatives to own their gifts and start a creative business from exactly where they are on their creative journey. She teaches yoga with a focus on using intuition and listening to the holistic energy of your body. 

She is following her Souls guidance to bring more light into the world and opening each day to living her most expanded and exulted state.

Check out Sarah on Facebook.

Crystal Foster - Holistic Psychologist

Crystal’s mental wellbeing programmes focus on increasing wellness in each of these areas. Her work draws from local and international psychological wellbeing research, clinical experience of what works for clients, and her own personal skills including many years of mindfulness practice.

Holistic Psychology focuses on creating mental wellbeing and building resilience.

"I have trained and worked as a Clinical Psychologist, specialising in working with those who have survived trauma. The power of the human spirit fills me with awe.

Throughout this time and afterward I have continued to learn about holistic approaches to mental wellbeing. My Master’s research was on the relationships between stress, health and mindfulness, and some of my further study has included nutritional and environmental factors in mental health.
I believe anyone can potentially struggle with their mental health and wellness, and my approach focuses on empowering through compassion, teaching and guidance."

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The Wealthbeing team believes that you're no good to anyone if you don't look after yourself – whether that be a corporate, a team or yourself. This belief is evidenced through a culture of identifying risk, building nourishment and providing resilience tools. 

We want you to be the very best brilliant and resilient beings out there, by tapping into energy sources you already have, inside out!

WHY - It is health that is your real wealth. Like Ghandi, at Wealthbeing we take a very holistic view of both health and wealth.  Wealth is an abundance of time, healthy resources, possibilities, positive relationships, resilience and energy. We're talking about the health of your body, your mind, your emotions, your organisation, your people...

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Infuse Yoga & Oils

Infuse is all about infusing your whole body, mind and soul to bring out the best version of yourself. 

Learn how to take control of your health on an emotional, physical and spiritual level using the power of Essential oils and Yoga plus other ways you can look after yourself from the inside out and feel amazing!

Infuse support Kamala through providing essential oil and yoga workshops. Kirsten is an amazing yoga teacher who creates a comfortable space and we are so fortunate to have her support. 

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Waikato Sunrise Rotary

Waikato Sunrise Rotary has a vibrant, youthful membership of men and women who focus on community contribution - locally, nationally and internationally - with a particular interest in youth development.

Rotary is a worldwide organisation of business and professional people united to provide humanitarian service, build goodwill and peace in the world, and promote high ethical standards.

Waikato Sunrise Rotary have supported Kamala in 2018 through donating $2,000 to help with the costs to run workshops. This donation helps to ensure that everyone is able to access Kamala workshops, regardless of their financial situation. 

Check out Waikato Sunrise Rotary on Facebook, and if you want to find out more, you're welcome to join them for breakfast on a Friday morning (7am at the Ferrybank on Grantham Street, Hamilton).

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