The inspiration for Kamala...

A friend contacted me one day asking if we could catch up for a cuppa. Anxiety had let itself back into her life, and knowing that I too have had my battles she wanted to chat.

We had a lovely catch up, although I was sad to hear her struggles with anxiety. I did what any good friend would do, listened and shared my own experiences and methods to deal with anxiety in the hope that I could help in some small way.

It was after our catch up that I started to wonder if there was something more to this, something I could do for the many people who live with anxiety. My friend thanked me for taking the time to catch up, saying that it helped to talk and that she was going to try some of the coping techniques I shared with her.

This was when the first large piece of the puzzle really became clear. I had thought about sharing my experiences in the past, but nothing felt quite right. I didn't want to just blog, I wanted to be able to really connect with people, face to face.

So the thought started with some sort of support service. Some way to connect with others, talk without filters and know that we aren't alone.

The next piece of the puzzle was bringing in some sort of creative element. I have always expressed myself creatively, whether it be painting, sewing, making candles and jewellery, or even gardening. For me, being able to focus on something and express myself through a creative channel has always been so important.

The third and final piece of the puzzle was to share different techniques and tools to cope with anxiety. Yoga and my breath is so important, and there are other techniques such as meditation or mindfulness.

What to call it?

Initially Kamala was called Flourish. This name dropped into my thoughts one day, and I mentioned it to a few friends who said they really liked it, so we launched as Flourish. However the Trademark for Flourish was already taken, and I didn't want to end up in a sticky situation down the line because the name wasn't protected. So reluctantly I made the decision to change it, and threw around so many ideas with nothing feeling right or sticking. Then I went onto pinterest and saw an image I had pinned a while back...

I love lotus flowers and their meaning, in fact I have one tattooed on my leg, so this instantly connected with me, and we became Kamala. 

What will it be?

I see Kamala growing into regular events. Some with a creative focus such as painting a canvas, making candles, and maybe even pottery, and some with a focus on learning ways to relieve our anxiety such as yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and more. During these get togethers I hope that authentic and honest conversations will flow, friendships will grow and we will flourish...


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