Radical Acceptance workshop

On Saturday a group of 15 came together for this workshop. My lounge was turned into a cosy sanctuary with cushions and blankets and we created a safe space to share our fears and struggles, be vulnerable and support each other. Through the afternoon we learnt about Jenna's Be, See, Ask Do behaviour model and touched on values. This information helped us understand why we do what we do, what motivates us and who we are. Knowing this we can come to love and accept ourselves, and just how amazing we are, and how amazing others are too.

Many of the people who came on Saturday have been in touch to say how fantastic the afternoon was and that it helped them understand some things with 'aha' moments - which makes my heart sing. There were a few tears, but lots of laughs too and lovely new connections made. 

We now have a private FB group to stay in touch, and will be catching up regularly as a group to keep learning, accepting and connecting. 

Because Saturday was so good, we hope to run this workshop again, so if you weren't able to attend this time, keep a look out for it.

Blessings x 


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