Love & Acceptance

I love each persons uniqueness and have always done things my own way. I like to be creative, flex my individuality and encourage others to do the same - something I've always embraced. 

During a recent walk 'n' talk with my friend Jenna, who is taking the April workshop, we were talking about values and what's important to us in our lives. Jenna is such a soothing soul to be around. We have the most amazing talks, sometimes they can be quite in depth, and I always feel so invigorated and do a lot of pondering after we've had one of our catch ups.  

She sees and loves the person I am, and doesn't try to change or influence me, but helps me look at things from different angles and with a different light on them. 

After our last catch up Jenna messaged to say that it's interesting that Radical Acceptance is one of my values, yet I don't apply it to myself.  Hmmm. There is plenty there for me to work on.

I'd love you to show yourself some love and acceptance too. 

Blessings x 


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