Being vs Doing

A friend and I frequently talk about 'being' vs 'doing'. I find these conversations so interesting, as many people would see me as a 'doer', when in actual fact I am at my most peaceful when I can just 'be'.

For me this means that I can just 'be' in the moment with no expectations.

One of my Gallup Strengthfinders strengths is Achiever, which can easily become over-dominant. I become too focused on ticking everything on my to-do list that I forget to actually enjoy the moment. Over time this starts to burn me out, because I spend too much time doing, doing, doing, and don't take any time to just relax, read a book, take in the beauty around me, and really engage. 

I am sharing this, as I believe many of us have become focused on doing, and forget to just 'be'. Give yourself permission to relax, unwind, recharge and quiet your mind. After all we are human 'beings', not human 'doers'. 

Blessings x 


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