Vipassanā Meditation

A couple of years ago a friend told me that she was heading up north to attend a 10-day silent meditation. I had never really thought about something like this, and I remember saying there was no way I could do something like that. And yet in a few weeks I will be experiencing it myself.

Back then I found it hard to fathom the idea of spending 10-days completely silent, meditating for around 10 hours a day with nothing to distract me from my thoughts and reality. However gradually the idea has grown on me and over Easter this year I knew that it was something I had to do, and I booked my spot. 

I have meditated in the past, but I am by no means experienced. I really am throwing myself straight into the deep end and that makes me excited and nervous. I know that there will be things which come up which I won't be able to distract myself from, but without going through these things we can't grow. 

I'm not going with any expectation of it 'healing' me or my mental health, but I'm excited to see how I cope, what insights I gain, how I feel at the end of the stay and to share this with others.

Vipassanā meditation is a part of Buddhist tradition and is a practice that includes contemplation and introspection, primarily through awareness and observation of bodily sensations. The technique of Vipassana meditation is a practical way to achieve peace of mind and live a happy, useful life. 

Blessings x 


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