Time to reflect

During my time up north completing the Vipassanā meditation course I definitely did a lot of reflecting. The last 12 months have been full of change for me, and I know that there is more coming.

Some of this change has been hard, but a lot of it has been good and positive. I can't believe that we have already run seven months of Kamala workshops! It still amazes me that something that was just a small idea somewhere in the back of my mind a year ago has allowed me to connect with so many amazing people. 

Part of my reflection has been around Kamala, what has been accomplished so far, and where Kamala will go into the future. 

But of course Kamala isn't really about me, it is about you. Without you attending Kamala workshops it wouldn't exist, so I am really keen to hear from you on your experiences so far, and what you would be interested in as I firm up our workshops for the rest of this year, and start to plan them for next year. 

So I'd be super grateful if you can take a few minutes to provide some feedback.

Blessings x 


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