Trusting what will be

My mum often says to me 'don't worry, the universe will provide what you need'. I don't recall if this was something she said during my childhood, or if it is a belief that came more recently. It is definitely something I believe in and am sure the people around me hear me say it in relation to different situations every day.

This trust in the universe has allowed me to take a step back from my control prone, perfectionist type personality over the years. I definitely still have these moments, however I think I have come a long way from where I was, say 13 year ago when I first experienced anxiety. I remember when I went home to Whakatane to see our family doctor when I was first having some difficulties and he asked me if I make the bed everyday. Of course I made the bed everyday, I was brought up in a household where our rooms were to be clean and tidy, our bed made before we came out for breakfast, and a couple of times a year Dad, who has been in the army, would do a full blown inspection to make sure we didn't just pile our toys up in the wardrobe ready to fall out when the door was opened.

So his challenge to be was to not make my bed, which I had to consciously remind myself not to do, as this was just part of my morning routine. This simple thing did do something for me though, it allowed me to let go of my need for everything to be perfect. The sky didn't fall down, the world kept turning and when I came home I still had a bed to climb into, albeit unmade. 

And now, like that old habit of making my bed every morning, when things crop up each day, big or small, my thoughts naturally go to "it'll be ok, the universe has your back and will provide what you need", and the universe has your back too.

Blessings x 


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