The period beast

What I think of as my 'period beast' arrived this week, and I want to share this as I'm sure I'm not alone. 

In the couple of days leading up to my period I feel like I go from a cool calm kitten into an agitated, irritable and impatient angry lion. For me I experience this through visualising things running up and down my back and seeing hundreds of thoughts zooming in front of my head like high speed trains passing each other on train lines, and I'm unable to slow them down. 

When I start to see these things zooming around I know I need to stop and bring myself back to the present moment, because I'm getting carried away with the lists, tasks, busy-ness and can easily start to feel overwhelmed. 

I also become really impatient. I start to perceive that I don't have time to wait for things or listen to people who aren't being short and succinct, in my opinion. I often find myself tuning out and thinkgin about other things when people are talking, rather than being present in the moment. I'm too worried about what I need to do next, and this makes me feel really wound up and agitated. Hence the period beast!

What I'm doing to get better at handling this is to learn more about the natural female cycle so that I can understand my own cycle better and therefore how I'm feeling. I'm also trying to be kinder to myself, and although it would be great to switch off and do nothing when my period starts, that just isn't realistic for me at this time, so I'm trying not to judge and take down time to come back to the present moment and unwind when I can. Hopefully through being kinder to myself I will be kinder to the people around me. 

Blessings x


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