Riding the waves

Things have been really well with me. I've been feeling so grateful for everything in my life and the beautiful people I'm surrounded by. But this doesn't mean that I don't hit bumps along the way.

Because I've been feeling so good, I was knocked back a bit on the weekend when I wasn't feeling so good. I had this anxious knot in my stomach, was feeling a bit 'out of it' and just out of sorts.

I pushed through it on Saturday, heading out to Raglan to catch up with a friend for a walk on the beach and catching up with friends that night. But on Sunday I realised I needed to just take it easy. So I gave myself permission to stay home for the day and rest.

Although it didn't feel like a very productive day I was able to do some chores around the house and relax with a book and some Netflix.

Learning to listen to my body like this has never been easy, and sometimes it still isn't. It's hard to know when to push through, and when to give into it and rest. But I'm better today for taking some time out, and will ease myself back into things this week. 

Remember, we are human BEINGS, not human DOINGS.  
Blessings x


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