What is failure?

On Monday night I went along to another Seed Waikato event - a Korero on Failure - and picked up some gold nuggets from hearing other people's experiences and beliefs when it comes to failure. 

Failure is such a loaded word - that you didn't achieve something or weren't good enough or successful, but one of the gold nuggets I loved was that by failing to try you fail by default. I love this because any outcome, whether perceived positively or negatively, is just a perception. If you learn and grow from any outcome then can you really call it a failure?

Another theme I picked up on is that when you know your purpose it's so real and true for you, that nothing will deter you, including so called failures, because you're so focused you just get back up and keep going. I guess this is how I feel about Kamala. I feel like this is my purpose for this life, and that wherever I end up with it, as long as I stay true to myself, it will be a success. 

I hope that puts a positive spin on anything you might be perceiving as a failure.  
Blessings x


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