Goodbye May

I like to think I'm a 'cup half full' kinda person, but life is real and I'd be fooling myself if I didn't feel the shit feelings. May has been shit. 

I went to a Cacoa and Sound Healing Ceremony, which was amazing, but I think it brought some things up to the surface, which isn't a bad thing, I just wasn't prepared for it. 

I had a pretty full on menstrual cycle which left me feeling exhausted.

May 2018 was pretty tumultuous for me after my long term relationship came to an end - in a kind of devastating way.

The weather started to change and I can get the winter blues - I'm a summer person. 

Then I got sick with strep throat. 

All of these things are fine, but they all swirled into a melting pot which left me feeling nothing. A friend asked how I was doing and I really didn't know what to say. I just felt neutral, numb, tired, meh. 

But with the end of the month here I'm manifesting positive thoughts and vibes going into June. 

May marked the end of the 12month cycle from the trauma that I experienced last year. I think that it was meant to be that a Cacoa and Sound Healing Ceremony happened to be organised in Hamilton in May and that I saw it and decided to go. Although what I felt in May didn't necessarily feel great, it needed to be felt, I needed to go through it, and I'll continue to heal and grow because of it. 

There happens to be another Cacao and Sound Healing Ceremony this Sunday and I'm looking forward to it. Yeah some things might come up again, but they need to come up so that I can deal with them, and eventually they will drift away in the wind. 


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