Connecting with my spiritual guardians

Last night I attended another Cacoa and Sound Healing Ceremony at Sun Salute with Irma Schutte. 

I've attended about 4-5 of these sessions and each one has been a different experience, and last night I had quite an intense experience. 

When I arrived at the ceremony I felt a bit agitated and uncomfortable, but I just sat with it and tried not to focus on it or resist it. 

As I sunk into the meditation I started to have a lot of positive affirmations pop into my mind - 'you are worthy', 'you are deserving of happiness', 'you are lovable', 'you're strong' etc. 

As these thoughts were floating through my mind we were focusing on our heart space opening up, and a root grounding our heart space back to Mother Earth. I started to visualise the heart as a Lotus Flower, coming up through the muddy murky water of any hurt and pain, grounded to Mother Earth with its roots, and the flower as my heart, opening up to receive love. 

This then transitioned into an immense feeling of love and safety coming over me. My thoughts moved to being safe, and I realised that my guardian angels will always have my back, they will always catch me when I fall, and ensure that I have the strength I need to get through any hurdles that come my way. 

These guardian angels are my spiritual guardians, some of which are currently earth side and a part of my earth life in the form of family and friends, and some are currently in the spirit world, watching over me. 

I came to realise that these spiritual guardians are always connected to me, for eternity. Sometimes they will be with me in spirit world, and sometimes earth side, depending on where they are in their journey. I too will always be there for them, as this is a reciprocal relationship where we look after each other. 

Then my thoughts moved to the fear that many human beings have of death, and the way that we see death as the end. However I see death as just another part of our journey, as once your spirit has been 'born' it is here for eternity and will take many different forms. 

As spiritual beings who are currently earth side - living as human beings - some spirits struggle with the way we live as human beings, and because of the conflict his causes for our spirit, we struggle to flourish as human beings. So maybe this is where our mental health struggles come from. They are really an outcome of our spirit feeling unsettled and conflicted with the human life we live, and the traumas that we experience in our human life. 

So when we feel a desire to leave this earth life, is that our spirits struggles coming through, and trying to remove the friction through taking us back to the spiritual world? 

I in no way want to minimalise mental health difficulties, as I myself know how hard, distressing and painful these can be. I'm just wanting to share some of the thoughts and insights that dropped into my mind during last nights ceremony in case this resonates with anyone and helps them re-frame any mental health difficulties they experience. 

At the end of the ceremony I felt so safe and settled. I had this knowing that everything will be ok and as it should be, and that gave me a feeling of immense peace. 

Blessings x


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