I've been focusing more and more on manifesting the life that I desire, and the more that I invest in this practice the more I am rewarded with beautiful things happening in my life. 

For me manifestation looks like two things in particular. 

Practicing gratitude, positive self talk and speaking in the affirmative to the universe. Someone said to me that the universe works in the affirmative, so if you say (whether it is self talk in your head, something you write, or say out loud) that your life is difficult, that you never get what you want, that you don't deserve to be happy etc etc the universe will affirm these things to you. Whereas if you are grateful for what you receive, say thank you to the universe, say that you will get what you desire and deserve only good things, this will come your way. 

The second form of manifestation I practice is to consciously sit down, set an intention and manifest for what I would like to come into my life. This is more of a meditative practice where I visualise what I desire, repeat it over in my head, and conjure up the emotions I will feel when the universe provides what I desire. 

Blessings x


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