I'm back - post natal musings

It's been a while since I've blogged, but I'm feeling the pull to start writing again after pregnancy and meeting our beautiful wee man. 

What an experience! It's been a whirlwind 12 months, meeting my amazing man who showers me in so much love, support and makes me laugh like I've never laughed. Then finding out we were pregnant and feeling so blessed to be able to become a mum. And finally giving birth to our baby, bringing him home and getting to know him and our new life together. 

I really embraced removing any expectations on myself and surrendering to the experience of pregnancy and becoming a mum and am so grateful that I was in a place in my life where I had the consciousness to do this.

The experiences of the last 12 months have proven to me again and again that mindset is so powerful! Of course there have been some bloody hard moments - morning sickness for months, my body changing and hurting, our birth plan going out the window, recovering from a caesarian, our baby being in hospital for 9 days, and of course adapting to a new baby and being a mum and all the things that come with that. But it was so much harder when my mindset wasn't good and I played the 'poor me' card. 

When I had the consciousness to surrender to the experience, focus on the blessings and let go of the negative thoughts life was so much easier! This is when life flows, rather than being forced with friction. 

Bubs is now 9 weeks old and we're doing pretty well. I'm giving myself space to 'be', and working on not focusing on 'doing' too much. Of course I do have moments where I get caught up in the world of achieving and getting shit done, but I catch myself much earlier than I used to and remind myself to rest, be present and enjoy the journey. 

I'm excited to be back writing and to share with you again. 

Blessings x


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