Empowerment Through Beautiful Intentional Creations

When I set up Kamala back in 2017 the intention was to bring people together through creative and self care based workshops. This was amazing and I loved bringing people together in my home and creating many authentic connections that I still nurture today. 

Many things have happened since then, in 2020 I gave birth to my first child and we had to make many adjustments to the way we live due to Covid. So the workshops ended, and I let Kamala go into hibernation while I leaned into motherhood. There were times when I wondered if Kamala was done and dusted, but my intuition told me I would breathe life into it again when the time was right. 

And now the time is right.

The medium has changed, but my purpose is still the same - to connect mind, body and soul to live in alignment and live the life I deserve.

To live a life where my light is turned on, where I'm living with purpose and can have a positive impact on others.

Rach x

"Empowerment through beautiful intentions is about empowering others with the loving and powerful intentions that are woven into each beautiful piece I make.

It is also about empowering myself through following my passion, doing what lights me up, and creating abundance."

My Purpose

I'm Rachel, a creative, partner, Mama, sister, and creator of Kamala. Kamala was created from my own mental health struggles, and a desire to share my story and connect with others to walk alongside and support each other.

I feel so blessed that through this and my passion for creativity I've found my purpose - to support others on their journey through bringing beautiful intentions and energy into their space, and subsequently their mind, body and soul.

Rach x

Why being creative is important to me

Being creative has always been a part of my life - the channel/medium has changed over the years, but the purpose has always been the same. To let my mind be free from thinking, overthinking, analyzing, ruminating, and just BE. To let go of any expectations and just create, with no expectations, and often no plan for what I'm creating. 

It provides me with space to let my thoughts come and go in a way where I don't become attached to them, I don't focus on them and they simply drift in and out like clouds in the wind. 

Beautiful Intentional Creations

Why 'Kamala'?

'Kamala' is Sanskrit for Lotus, and the Lotus has such a beautiful meaning...

"Throughout time the lotus flower has been a powerful spiritual symbol. A lotus has its roots in mud, at the bottom of streams and ponds. But it grows to become the most beautiful flower, despite its origins. It symbolises how we too can overcome all obstacles on our journey towards enlightenment and flourish. It also represents growth and spiritual development."


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"I didn’t actually realise that I have quite severe anxiety - I guess I've been in denial all these years. But now that I am accepting it I seem to be getting so much better, happier and calmer. Wow, who would have thought. So a MASSIVE thank you! I love how open you are about it."


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