Helping people flourish in their lives with mental wellness

Kamala is about creating mental wellness through facilitating meaningful and safe connections, learning ways to look after ourselves and expressing ourselves through creativity.

Our purpose is to create a sanctuary; somewhere safe where people can be themselves, open up, create meaningful friendships and feel supported.

How? I believe that workshops are an important piece of the puzzle, and they are a foundation of Kamala. The workshops we hold will share and teach both self care and creative based skills and techniques. These are two methods that have helped me manage and overcome my mental ill-health hurdles and I'm so excited to share them and some amazing people with you. 

Kamala is based in the Hamilton, Waikato, NZ, but in time we'd love to expand into other regions.

"I didn’t actually realise that I have quite severe anxiety - I guess I've been in denial all these years. But now that I am accepting it I seem to be getting so much better, happier and calmer. Wow, who would have thought. So a MASSIVE thank you! I love how open you are about it."


Why 'Kamala'?

'Kamala' is Sanskrit for Lotus, and the Lotus has such a beautiful meaning...

"Throughout time the lotus flower has been a powerful spiritual symbol. A lotus has its roots in mud, at the bottom of streams and ponds. But it grows to become the most beautiful flower, despite its origins. It symbolises how we too can overcome all obstacles on our journey towards enlightenment and flourish. It also represents growth and spiritual development."

Our Values

Radical Acceptance
Accepting everyone as they come - with no discrimination.

Self Responsibility
Being responsible for your life outcomes and happiness - it's up to you.

The G's - Gratitude & Generosity
Being grateful for the love and support of your community - and paying it forward. 

Fierce Loyalty
Being there for each other through the good, bad and ugly - we've got each other's back. 


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